Disco Risqué is energy! Screaming guitars, pounding drums, thumping bass, blaring horns and raw vocals come together in a controlled chaos that leaves listeners astounded and hungry for more. Formed in 2014 and performing with the current lineup since mid 2015. Disco Risqué hails from Charlottesville, VA and have spent the last year developing a signature sound attracting a fiercely loyal following of dedicated fans.


Bencoolen is a band with a classic lineup of the soaring vocalist, fleet-fingered saxophone player, and bluesy rock lead guitarist. Mixing together old-school vibes and modern influences, Bencoolen brings it all to the stage with a knack for drawing in a crowd

studebaker huck

Studebaker Huck came together in the summer of 2016. Attempting to blend an eclectic mix of influences, countless alcohol-fueled basement rehearsals and songwriting sessions took place over several months culminating in a debut show at Tea Bazaar in February 2017. Things began to click as the band played frequently around Charlottesville. Hours of stage time honed the sound they had been searching for.  Boasting a mix of rock, folk, punk, americana, and straight-forward songwriting, Studebaker Huck are poised to hit the road.